What is softwash and external house cleaning?

For the vast majority of homeowners, when they consider cleaning their homes they immediately think of using high pressure cleaning systems. They believe that having high pressure and a higher PSI (pounds per square inch) creates a system that has more cleaning ability. This method of cleaning involves shooting highly pressured water at the area being cleaned and moving in closer to the areas that initially resist the pressure washing.

Pressure cleaning, however, is not the best or even the safest method for cleaning the exterior of your home or factory. The high pressure can damage wood work, paint can be stripped or pealed, and windows can be damaged by the concentrated pressure. To add insult to injury, the pressure cleaner may fail to clean all areas being washed, creating a stripping effect that homeowners will not appreciate.

The secret and solution to the problems involved with high pressure cleaning systems involves a process known as softwash. The vast majority of dirt grime and mould that can cover a home or a roof comes from fungi, mould, mildew, algae, etc. Each of these agents is treatable by specific Ph levels of chemicals. The use of the right chemical can eliminate these stains and the true professional will know exactly what chemicals to apply to the house that will eliminate the stains without harming the surface of the home.

The use of these chemicals means that rather than cleaning the house with high pressure, the professional pressure washer can use lower pressure levels for house cleaning services. The washer will apply the chemicals to the walls or roof being cleaned and allow the detergent to sit for a moment. Allowing the detergent to sit for a while means the chemicals have more time to eat away at the stains covering the surface, losing their grip on the surface being cleaned. House cleaning can best be done with pressure stream water technology.

No homeowner wants a dirty home. Pressure washing provides a solution to the accumulation of dirt and grime that can cover homes. Yet, the last thing any homeowner wishes to see is damage to their home. peeling paint, damaged windows, or streaked siding can ruin a home’s appearance and until fixed can devalue a home. A homeowner can also risk personal injury in attempting to use high pressure cleaners improperly or without the proper training. These are the dangers involved with high pressure washing. Softwashing, especially for external home care, provides the solution. The chemicals used are Ph safe for the home and have maximum impact on the stains despoiling the home. They do all the work so all it takes is a gentle rinse of water to wipe the stains away and leave the home pristine and in peak physical condition. Softwash is the most effective system available to clean a home and its application by our professional team will leave you smiling at the state of your home.

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